I am Charlene Birky. Some people call me Char; a select few call me CharBabette.

I am a fervently-trying follower of Jesus ~ a wife of 20+ years ~ and the mother of 3 (2 girls, then a boy) adults -ish. My husband and I currently live with his parents supporting them through aging and Alzheimer’s disease.

I am a freelancer trying to fund my need for books and travel and art while writing and (hopefully) selling some books.

I began blogging in September of 2009, but I wasn’t consistent with the writing due to the demands of life and work. Now that my children are mostly grown ~ my in laws need financial support but also physical presence ~ and I recently, suddenly, became unemployed ~ I took all the “coincidental” circumstances as Jesus pushing me into His brave to do what I’ve always dreamed of doing.

Part of that dream is writing books … fiction, but based heavily on my life, on genealogy research, and on Scripture. I’m learning about creative nonfiction, also, to see if that is a genre I may have some talent in as well.

The other part of the dream is building a community … a place where people feel welcome, feel they are not alone in their struggles, and feel free to lovingly express themselves. This is done through my blog, where I talk about anything that comes to my mind ~ from politics to parenting adults to Alzheimer’s disease to housekeeping to faith in and through all those topics.

And funding the dream comes through freelance work and a side job, BirchTree, where I re-purpose the old, handcraft the new, and sell what is no longer essential.