Since 2009, there has been an internet movement (started by Alece) to have #OneWord365 resolutions – to take one word and focus on it all year. It’s a movement of people trying to live with intentionality (to read more, check the website), and for me, it was the substitute for failed new year’s resolutions.

I first discovered the movement in 2014 – and chose that year’s one word – CLOSER (read that post here). I spoke of this “word for the year” to girlfriends at church, who also had heard of it and chosen a word for themselves. If memory serves, the word CLOSER lasted well past the norm of my previous new year’s resolutions, but I’m not sure if it lasted the entire year.

I think I may have chosen a word for 2015 – but I can’t remember it, didn’t blog about it, and have not found proof of it in my journals (and honestly, I haven’t made time to look). As with all my other resolutions, the one-word-365 went by the wayside.

2016 was a tough year, and 2017 snuck up on me – isn’t it amazing how days do that? I had not given much thought to one word – past deciding I wouldn’t do one for 2017 either.

Then God happened.

Of course, the one word movement is still all over the internet and social media. People I keep up with on Facebook and Twitter are posting their words and telling their stories. It was still in the back of my mind despite deciding I didn’t want a word. I kept thinking, “Hooray for them. I ain’t got time for that.” Even my pastor was asking me to slow down – to be intentional about 2017 with God – to make spiritual goals to grow closer to God.

And I kept resisting.

Why? Why do I resist doing what I know will be amazing? Still trying to answer that one…

Then, for the first time, I watched a precious high school friend do a live Facebook video with two other wonderful ladies (link here), and I’m struck by some things they said…

And I’m following along with‘s Scripture reading plan, and Joshua chapter 4 is about memorial stones, and it intrigues me…

And I’m living with my mother-in-law (MIL) who has Alzheimer’s and my father-in-law (FIL) who is starting to have memory issues, too…

And I’m cleaning up mounds and piles of paper and memories and to-do lists…

And I get an idea and an entire outline of a book in the 20 minute drive to my day job…

And my word comes as I’m chopping potatoes in the kitchen…


… that I don’t have to be enough because MY GOD IS ENOUGH.

… that He has shown up time and time and time again – and He will keep on showing up.

… that my children – their relationship with God – is their’s, not mine.

… to tell His stories as standing memorial stones like during the days of Joshua and the Israelites.

… to find ways to entice my children, who are questioning and doubting everything they’ve been taught, to ASK about the stories, to ask about how God has shown up.

… to help my MIL and FIL remember the good times.

… that I cannot fix reality.

… to learn to focus on not only old memories but on making new ones.

… that life takes focus, time, energy.

… to be intentional.

… that God’s got this – all of it.