Joy – almost indescribable because it is:

~ more long-lasting and less circumstantial than happiness

~ more stable than giddy elation

~ more passionate than quiet, half-hearted smiles.


Joy is theĀ resounding elation of my deepest inner self beyond emotional bounds with no definable reason or definite time .


I’ve tasted it… and I still struggle to define it. I know when I’m full of joy – I know when I’m lacking joy. I remember where I was and what I was doing when I’ve tastedĀ fullest joy – a joy that overwhelmed and overflowed beyond expressions.

There was the time of seeing myself as He sees me – a mirror clearing of fog… a veil being lifted away…

There was the time of waking myself up as I put earthly verbal sounds to the heavenly dreaming sounds of singing His praises in my sleep…


I long for those times of overwhelming, overflowing joy. I pray for more – they are the times I feel nearest to my Father Friend. They are those moments I draw on when I’m worshipping – when I’m focusing on Him – when I’m getting myself out of my way to have only Him.


And I wonder….

Could I handle a full meal of joy – a daily, three-times a day – dose of divine joy?

Maybe, just maybe…

Since momentary, finite life on earth is dress rehearsal for eternity, infinite life with Father Friend, I am getting the appetizers – as I’m able to savor and process and enjoy – while He keeps the full, daily, multiple times a day entree until I enter my eternity.