My fortune cookie read: Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived .

What mystery am I living?

~ “This the power of the cross / Christ became sin for us / Took the cross / bore my shame / I stand forgiven at the cross.”


Christ became sin for me… He didn’t just take my sins away; He became my sins.

He became: a liar ~ a thief ~ an adulteress ~ an idolator ~ a selfish ~ angry ~ hateful ~ bitter ~ lazy ~ dirty-rags woman.

He took the cross… Once He became me, became my sin, He SUFFERED AND DIED because of me and my sin. 

In His MERCY He withheld from me the punishment that was due me; in His JUSTICE, since someone had to receive the punishment, He took it for me.


I stand… There is no hanging my head in shame; there is lifting of my hands in praise.

In His GRACE, He lavishes me with blessing after blessing; He gives me that which I do not deserve and have not earned.

This is the mystery that I want to live: that I am a child of God, an heir with Christ of God’s glory, the recipient of hope and eternity and relationship.