Month: November 2011

If you haven’t…

read 1,000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp, I highly recommend it and her as a writer.

Currently, she and her Farmer husband are serving on a Compassion team in Ecuador. You can follow the team here.

She wrote a post about her daughter Hope knitting a scarf for a child she wants to sponsor in Ecuador. Here are Ann’s words:

And thanksgiving only becomes thanksliving when joy in the blessings given from above — overflows into the blessings given all around.

Thanksgiving only becomes thanksliving when the thanks for His vertical, coming-down grace — is expressed as a horizontal, reaching-out grace.

Thanksgiving only becomes thanksliving — when thanksgiving to God overflows into a joy of giving.

The joy of giving thanks – is ultimately expressed in the joy of giving.

Thanks LIVING – that’s what I want. As our holiday of Thanksgiving gets ever closer, I challenge you to learn how you can begin thanksliving.


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