Christmas Day 2009 ~

I often have moments where I know to bring my camera and get great pictures, but there are those times when I don’t have my camera with me but I wish I did.  At those times, when I’m thinking “Man, I wish I had a camera!”, I try to commit everything to my memory, hoping that I’ll still remember enough to tell the story when I’m old and feeble minded.  Here’s the story of my “camera” moment:

It was the first White Christmas in a number of years.  Depending on where we measured in my yard, we had from 8 to 12 inches of beautifully soft, powdery snow.  It was perfect skiing snow, and we have the perfect hill (our driveway), but unfortunately, we don’t have any skis.

Our driveway (steep grade, long, winding) is bad even on a good day.  When we put in our house, we put the driveway through a natural underground spring.  It is constantly wet, even in 100+ degree Oklahoma weather.  So, we know that when really bad weather is coming (for us it’s usually ice, but occasionally it will be snow), I leave my mini-van parked at the top of the driveway.  My husband has an older Nissan Pathfinder that is 4-wheel drive, so we drove it down to the house on Christmas Eve.  Our house is perched on the side of a hill, so hubby took the Pathfinder back up a bit to a more level spot.

So, Christmas morning dawns clear and bright and beautifully white.  Our three children get out in the snow as soon as they can (presents and breakfast came first, but only because the parentals made it happen in that order!).  Dear husband also goes out to see if he can get up the driveway to his parents house for our Christmas dinner (it’s always about food!).

Now, to me, it seemed obvious that he would stay “high” on the driveway ~ that means go right instead of left because left is where it is usually always wet, there are huge ruts from previous instances of being stuck, and with the normal idea of snow drifts, it probably was more than 12 inches in most places.  But of course, he goes left, and as you can probably guess, he got stuck.  (A little note: he has new good tires on the back and old almost bald tires on the front.  That means the 4-wheel drive feature is almost useless).

We live on the same stretch of land (22 acres) as my in-laws.  They are such wonderful people and really do put up with a lot from us.  My father-in-law has rescued us countless times ~ and he came to our rescue again.  We chained and hand-winched and re-chained and re-hand-winched for about 45 minutes.  Then my father-in-law told my husband to climb on the back of the Pathfinder (there are no roof rails, so he’s holding on by sitting on his tire mount and squeezing his fingers into seams), told me to get in the back seat on the right side, and he finessed (with a lot of rocking motions) the vehicle right out of the stuck.  On the fourth try up the hill part of the driveway, we finally make.  All the time, my husband is hootin’ and hollerin’ as he hangs on for dear life!

He had a blast.  Said it was the closest he’d probably ever get to riding in a rodeo. And it was on one of the tries up that he hollered, “You should be getting a picture of this!”  It was definitely a picture moment.  And I definitely didn’t have a camera with me.

The pictures I wish I had captured:

  • my three kids in knee deep drifts building forts and having snowball fights like I used to when I was young;
  • my husband riding bronco on a Pathfinder, back and forth and up and down, over and over while grinning from ear-to-ear and laughing;
  • the two of us, running and slipping and laughing, as we snowball-fight our way back down the hill to the house;
  • my husband using an old empty dog food bag (it had been blown into the yard with the snow) as a sled down the hill.

The stories these pictures would tell:

  • kids can get along well and play well ~ mine even like each other on occasion.
  • boys will be boys even when they’re 30+ if it involves cars and danger
  • I’m still in love with my man almost 14 years later; I love laughing and playing with him; and snow is “tres romantique”
  • boys will be boys even when they’re 30+ if it involves snow, hills, and trying to ski without skis.

I have a wonderful family ~ it’s a wonderful life!  And I owe it all to my Best Friend, Jesus Christ.

He created – He was disappointed but not surprised – He planned – He informed – He loved – He redeemed – He lived, He died, He rose, He conquered!

He loves – He lives – He helps – He provides – He leads – He blesses – He disciplines – He cares – He comforts – He gives – He takes away – He is mine!